Thursday, 7 April 2011

Boys' Exciting Writing Workshop.

Did you know that watching a great action film can give you lots of ideas on how to improve your writing?Well, that was just what some developing writers in Yr3/4 discovered whilst attending a suspense writing workshop this week with Mrs Fieldgate at Cranford Park Primary school.This special "boys only " event was part of a series of regular events organised by Rushmoor's more able pupil cluster group.
After studying some exciting, nail biting film clips the boys worked collaboratively to devise a toolkit of great techniques to build up tension in their narrative writing. This included the use of pathetic fallacy which in the case of suspense writing means that as something strange/unusual happens , it is mirrored in a dramatic change in atmosphere for example a lovely sunny day suddenly develops into a threatening storm filled sky.
Newport's boys soon put their exciting writing ideas on paper and eagerly shared their writing with their new friends from other local schools. All too soon it was time to return to Newport however I'm sure the boys will soon be sharing their writing skills with their classmates.
Mrs Fieldgate

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