Monday, 20 June 2011

Movie Magic.

Some year 4 pupils got a taste of what it is like to be movie makers during a two day workshop at Wavell School. Their task was to design a movie trailer for a film whose storyline they had created themselves. The groups' movies would have had wide audience appeal as they ranged from science fiction , scary adventure to pirate battles on the high seas.
Working closely with Ms Giblen and her Year 9 & 10 pupils, Year 4 green screened their trailers ready for editing on the same software used in the film industry. Green screening is where a scene is acted out and then the actors are digitally superimposed onto a selected computer background. All the latest blockbuster films such as Harry Potter, Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean use this technology to very good effect .
Can you guess what background was used in this scene? (Hint: Is that Treasure island ahead?)
The movie trailer images were captured on HD video camera and then the groups laid down their sound track with special effects. Day 2 involved Newport pupils working closely with the older Wavell students to edit the film and soundtracks together to make a professional trailer.
Everyone from staff to students learnt so much from this fantastic collaboration and Year 4 produced some very entertaining trailers. Newport School will be able to watch the premiere of the movie trailers in an assembly later on this month. Steven Speilberg had better watch out as Aldershot has some budding directors, actors and extremely talented film technicians.
A big thank you must go to Mrs Lock and Ms Giblen for organising this great opportunity for primary and secondary pupils to work together in a fun learning environment.
Mrs Fieldgate

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