Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Welcome back Newport!


Newport's back with a big bang full of new topics, new clubs and lots more. What more could you want? In each year there is a different topic to be enjoyed. Year 6 are looking at the Ancient Greeks, Year 5 are Hanging On to their Heads, Year 4 know It's Cold Out There and Year 3 are Investigating Materials!

During the first assembly of the term, the Curriculum Council and Mrs Ewing announced that there is going to be a new award for handwriting. This includes keeping to the same style, joining letters and making sure all our work is beautifully presented. Do you think you could win? The reward is a certificate and a beautiful handwriting pen. It comes in lots of styles so make sure you get your favourite!

On Thursday Mr Edmunds showed us how one old stamp could change someone's life. Lots of us learnt from it. It makes us remember the things we sometimes take for granted - beds, food shelter and more.

Thanks for reading. Look out for our next post very soon!


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