Monday, 2 July 2012

The Olympic Movie Company presents....

Ron Howard, the Hollywood director of films such as  Apollo 13,  The Da Vinci Code and Parenthood, has been spending a lot of time recently in Hampshire. We aren't sure of the release date of his lastest blockbuster , Rush, filmed on location at Blackbushe airport but we do know that if he needs a team to produce a movie trailer for it Newport Year 4 pupils could do a fabulous job.
During a recent two day workshop, Year 4 pupils working in close collaboration with Year 10 pupils at Wavell School produced five movie trailers that tell the exciting true life stories of some amazing Olympians including Jim Thorpe, Mark Spitz, Teofilio Stevenson, Nadia Commaneci and Darren Campbell. The Olympic Movie Company's imaginary brief was to storyboard the Olympian's achievements highlighting the Olympic values they had demonstrated during their quest for gold.

 Using green scene technology, the latest movie pro and music editing software  every group produced an impressive trailer to incredibly tight deadlines. There was just enough time for a quick bite to eat in Wavell's busy lunch hall before watching the first rushes of the trailers. A very big thank you to the wonderful Year 10 pupils and Mrs Carol Giblen Wavell's AST of ICT.
Mrs Fieldgate

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