Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Tough challenge brings out terrific year 6 teamwork .

Do you know what Big Ben ( properly known as Elizabeth Tower) and Tower of  Pisa have in common? Yes, they are both  structures that lean. Aleiska Smith, from the Institute of Civil Engineers, spoke about the wide variety of different project that civil engineers can become involved in whilst briefing local schools on a bridge based challenge. Some of Newport's Year 6 pupils learnt about the  three different types of bridge: suspension, arched and beam and the different forces that act upon them. Making a bridge appealing to eye is a important factor when designing a feature will be part of the landscape for a long period of time.
Then came the tough task to actually design, build and test a bridge using just glue, paper and a few Meccano nuts and bolts! The pictures below clearly show how brilliantly Newport pupils worked as a team when faced with a tough challenge and  extremely tight deadlines.

Triangles proved to be the key to adding strength to the bridge; as you can see Newport super strong structure was up to the task of carrying heavy trucks!

"The bridge building challenge was lots of fun and the engineer's advice very useful. I thought we worked very well as team. Although we didn't win I think we just missed out", commented Lucy.

"We didn't win however it is the taking part that matters", reflected Faheem.

" It was an awesome and exciting task" , stated Rupesh.

Well done to all the team -Rupesh, Faheem, Katie, Beth, Lucy and team leader, Louie who were a real credit to Newport School.

 Mrs Fieldgate

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