Thursday, 29 August 2013

Kilimanjaro Success

Kilimanjaro Success

First of all, apologies this has been so late coming, even though you can get Tanzanian mobile networks on a mountain, UK mobile networks won't let you register on them. 

I am happy to report a successful summit of Mount Kilimanjaro after 7 hard days of trekking in a variety of temperatures and weather. Luckily, I escaped any major signs of altitude sickness (apart from the odd slight headache) until summit night which was, quite literally, the hardest thing I have ever done. 

Leaving at 12 midnight, in sub zero temperatures and with a strong wind which made it even colder, I began to have breathing issues about an hour into the climb. Despite several stops and drinking lots of water the issue got worse and, as I got to Stella Point at 19'000ft, I started getting dizzy. However, carrying on at a snail's pace I got to Uhuru Peak after eight and a half hours. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture with the sign :-( This was because as I reached the peak I started having real breathing problems / dizziness and was advised to get back to low altitude... QUICKLY. As a result, I was only there for about 30 seconds before scrambling back down with an assistant guide. 

Apart from that it was a fantastic, successful trip. I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who sponsored me and for the whole school's support - it really motivated me to carry on whilst summiting. 

Here is a video with a selection of pictures from the trip, as well as a song our porters sang regularly during the climb. 

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