Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Newport Puzzlers

Following on from the summer term's successful maths puzzle day, a group of Newport pupils from Years 3 to 5 accompanied Mrs Fieldgate to the first Rushmoreable workshop of the academic year. The workshop, held at Hawley Primary school, enabled pupils to road test some exciting new logic and thinking skills games. Playing alongside a partner from another school, the pupils were asked to evaluate the games and chose which they felt was the most challenging and enjoyable.

After a hectic morning of gaming the following were highly rated by the pupils:

  • Forbidden Island -Strategic thinking fantasy game
  • Make 'n' break-Observation hand eye coordination
  • Zeus on the loose-Strategic thinking and mental addition
  • Count the nines-Puzzle with place value
  • Cart before the horse-Brain teaser and consequences
With Christmas fast approaching,  these great games would make great presents for parents and children alike.

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