Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Brilliant builders learn a costly lesson!

Both pupils and staff are eagerly awaiting completion of the new Y4 classrooms and i library at Newport school .This week a group of Year 6 pupils experienced the real life pressures of  completing a building project to time, budget and most importantly to the client's exact specifications! Chris and James, management trainees from Charles Church Construction briefed the pupils from eight Hampshire schools on the tough task ahead. Team work  and effective communication were essential in order to replicate an extremely complicated model hidden in an architect's office. Cassandra and Stanley were only allowed four minutes to absorb all the intricate details of the project. They then had to communicate what they had seen to Owen, Newport's planner. Stress levels were rising as time ticked by. Ethan and Katelyn, acting as general foreman and builder, did a brilliant job of translating Owen's plans into an identical replica of the model. However, despite James' excellent accounts produced as part of his vital role as quantity surveyor , the Newport team were narrowly  beaten by Elevetham Heath Primary who managed to complete the project under budget.
Many congratulations to Cassandra , Katelyn , Stanley , Ethan Owen and James whose team work and communication skills were highly praised by the judges.

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