Monday, 8 December 2014

Animation magic.

Have you every wondered what it takes to create an animation movie like Wallace and Gromit or Toy Story? Well, some pupils from Year 3 and 4 had the exciting opportunity to use some computer programmes that help create stop action animation movies. Light Bot was used to practise writing precise computer code using protocol procedures.( This could be frustrating at times when the robot didn't behave as you thought it might!). Hollie showed an excellent programming approach in ensuring she tested out each stage  before moving on. Working alongside other able pupils from the Rushmoreable cluster, Newport's ICT wizards used both Pivot and Zimmer Twins  to create their own  exciting, action packed animated movie. " It was a fantastic morning", commented Krish . A big thank you to Hawley Primary for hosting this half term's  Rushmoreable workshop co-ordinated by Mrs Fieldgate.

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