Saturday, 24 January 2015

Memories of the Titanic.

This week some Year 4 pupils had a rather watery themed week , not only did they participate in their swimming lessons at the Aldershot pool but they also travelled to Cherrywood Primary School to find out  more about the maiden voyage of  R.M.S Titanic. Along with able writers from six other schools, Newport pupils learnt some fascinating facts about what an amazing ship the Titanic was when it was set sail  on April 10th 1911 on its maiden voyage to New York. Using archive photographs, pupils and staff were amazed at the luxurious facilities available to the first class passengers, and the reasons why so many third class (steerage) passengers perished when it collided with an iceberg in the mid Atlantic. Imagining that they were one of the youngest members of the passengers on that fateful night of 15th April, each pupil wrote a moving diary entry about the events on board. Here is an example of their wonderful work:

I shudder to think of the events as I write this now. At the dead of night, I was awoken by shouting. Quickly, I rushed up on deck. A terrible thing had happened.We had struck an iceberg!
Immediately, I started to panic,noticing how many lifeboats were already afloat.Through the screams, I heard the sweet melody of the orchestra.Yet this didn't calm me. Now the boat was tipping at a steep angle and people clawed desperately at the cold metal railings, while the Captain barked out orders.

Arthur Cooper 4J

A big thank you to  Cherrywood  Primary School staff  ( Miss Hammond and Mrs Gregory) and Year 4 pupils for hosting  this very interesting Rushmoreable able workshop coordinated by Mrs Fieldgate.

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