Monday, 29 June 2015

Y5 Young Entrepreneurs 2015

Today, these eight children Y5 children were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to represent Newport Junior School at a local business's Young Entrepreneur Session.  They were able to see the kinds of work environments that today's thrusting businesses provide for their employees, including magnificent landscaped gardens such as these.
Oh no... what's this?  Are Newport children vandalising the walls of CSC, where they went for the Young Business Entrepreneur event?
No, fortunately.  Our eight representatives were using some of the whiteboard walls that business people use these days, when they are mind-mapping ideas to develop their latest ideas.

And here are some of the great ideas that they had, to create a new, and very different primary school.  It's amazing how many of their ideas featured FOOD!

After a return to the more traditional 'sit around a table and talk' approach, they produced even more ideas!

Again, there's that food theme coming up!  We were lucky to have Hollie from Connaught School as our Young Leader and Mentor.  She really helped us to hone our ideas.

After lunch, we had to create a presentation to the bosses of CSC.  They are used to hearing business presentations all the time.  How would we compare?  We really set to work - especially when we found out that there would be a prize!!

Finally, all 5 of the schools that attended made a presentation.  Our new school, with its 2 tiers, one under the sea and one in the sky was very well received by the judges.  I think our idea of free rides on a unicorn clinched it, though!

We won first prize.  A £10 Tesco voucher each!  We worked hard, and we enjoyed the day a great deal.  Thank you CSC for a wonderful day finding out how business is really run!

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