Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Alice Holt

Last week, year four visited Alice Holt where they were greeted by the forest rangers (Jane and Jackie). They began the day exploring evidence of habitats in the forest inside the classroom. Then they went out into the forest to explore. The children loved going on a mini-beast hunt and identifying what they had caught! They thoroughly enjoyed finding out about the animals living in the forest. One of their favourite facts was that woodpeckers have long tongues that unravel. The spikes on the end of their tongue find the bugs living inside the trees. Then their tongue rolls back up again so that they can eat the food they have caught. Did you also know that moles have a tail that has hairs on the end which allows them to sense where worms are because they cannot see very well? When they catch a worm, their teeth bite into it paralysing the animal. This means they can store food and it stays fresh because the worm is still alive. 

Everyone learnt a lot from the day (including the teachers) and we are now really excited to learn more about forests. 

Miss Cooke and Ms. Cooper were extremely impressed with the children's behaviour which was impeccable!

Have a look at some of our pictures to show how much fun we had:

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