Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Mr Garner's PE Challenge Winners!

Winning classes, 4J and 5P, thoroughly enjoyed their extra PE session with Mr Garner today!

Throughout the term, all classes have been competing against each other to win an extra sports session and take part in Mr Garners Sports Championship! In order to win this prize the classes had to work together in each PE lesson to remember their learning outcome. Each time the class successfully recited their learning outcome at the end of the lesson they would win a sticker and the first class to ten stickers would win an extra morning session of PE.

This terms lucky winners were 4J and 5P and this morning they took to the playground to enjoy a range of sporting activities. During the lesson, children had to work in teams to complete a variety of activities and earn points for their team by being the first to finish. These activities included netball shooting, hockey dribbling and even hula hooping! (Miss Parker's favourite) At the end of the session, children were very excited to find out who had won Mr Garner's Sports Championship! 

I wonder which class will be next terms winner.

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