Thursday, 28 January 2016

Year 5 have had a very exciting and busy start to the year. We have been finding out about how Aldershot grew with the arrival of the army in the 1850's and, last week, we were transported back in time on Victorian day.
Enjoy our photos and the words of some Year 5 pupils!

Before Victorian day, we went to explore our local area in Aldershot.  Walking out of our fabulous Victorian school, a chill shivered down our spine; it was a cold day, but we carried on! The clouds were sailing across the sky as we approached our first house. The terraced houses were in a long strip and went on forever. The grand bay windows, chimney pots and slate roofs made us stop and look at something we normally took for granted. We never knew our community was a Victorian one.
When we dressed up a few days later we acted out like that of a Victorian classroom. First handwriting practise then a Victorian style lesson which was really scary. We had to call her Ma’am; she even checked our hands for dirt. After lunch,  we finished off the day with quill/dip pens.
Cole Stevens and Millie Ward

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