Thursday, 26 May 2016

Day 2!

And the sunshine continues...

Miss Moses' group had an amazing day starting with trapeze. We then tested our senses on the sensory trail.
After a lovely lunch we headed down to the beach for rock pooling. We saw crabs, shrimp, limpets anemones and an array of seaweed!

Today group 5 did trapeze, sensory trail and rock pooling. The weather was fab and they all had an awesome time.

It has been another busy day in Osmington! The Avengers all took part in a sensory trail first thing, working as a team to complete a course blind folded. Following this we all challenged ourselves on the giant swing and tired ourselves out pulling each other up as high as possible using the rope! A special mention should go to Maisy Knight who put up with Miss Parker doing Ironman impressions on the swing!

This afternoon we joined the rest of the groups for a rock pool session on the beach, where we found lots of crabs! Now we are going to get our glad rags on for the disco tonight!

Here are a few photos from the giant swing and sensory trail.

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