Friday, 25 November 2016

Year 6 Trip to Selbourne River

What a beautiful day Year 6 had on their trip to Selbourne River! Thankfully, the rain and wind cleared, allowing the children to enjoy the views of the village and river from the Hanger.

Upon arrival, the children were welcomed and split into groups. Group 1 took the long and tiring trip up the hill to experience the views of surrounding area and to create some woodland art based on rivers. The children really enjoyed building their rivers our of natural materials and were able to explain the key features using the correct geographical vocabulary.

Whilst group 1 were out walking, group 2 were down and in the river itself, getting to grips with measuring the depth and velocity, as well as searching for animals.

Obviously the children all loved their time to enjoy lunch with their friends before they swapped activities for the afternoon session.

Luckily, no children were swept away down stream, and only one fully took a dip in the river - I think he decided it was a bit cold to go swimming in the end!

Thank you to all the staff and parents who were able to accompany Year 6 on their mini adventure!

The Year 6 team!

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