Tuesday, 17 January 2017

An Olympic Performance

6P take you back in time to Ancient Greece!

This morning, 6P put on a spectacular class assembly; showing the events of the first ever Olympic games., including: chariot racing, boxing, sprinting and the pentathlon. The class were divided into 4 city states who competed against each other to win at the games. Throughout the performance our commentators Antius and Decadus kept us up to date with all of the sporting events. Even though all states put in a great effort, Sparta excelled the most and won the first ever Olympic games!

Finally, to finish off, the class sang an inspirational song, 'I believe' by Shaun Mendes with some excellent rapping from Caitlin, Grace, Hollie, Jai, James and Nathan Njenga.

A very well done to all the class who did a brilliant performance for their last class assembly at Newport.

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