Monday, 6 February 2017

Global Citizenship Day 2017

Year 6 have had a fantastic day for Global Citizenship Day! It all began where they started their penny war against each class. Well done for so many children bringing in loose change! The aim was for children to put pennies into their own classes boxes. If you wanted a class to loose points, then you put silver coins in their box e.g. 5 or 10p's. We raised £68.45 as a year group for our link school in Uganda. The class who scored the most points were 6C who have won an extra 15 minutes playtime outside. Well done 6C!

At the start of the day, we read 'Africa is not a Country'. The children looked at where Uganda was and particularly focused on it's capital city Kampala, comparing this to the UK and London. Then they looked at rural and urban photos of both the UK and Uganda, comparing and contrasting these locations, particularly thinking about how different life could be in each area. The children then read diary entries from both children in London and children in rural Kampala. As a class, we discussed how it would feel moving to the city and the advantages/disadvantages of this. Then the children choose something they would like to improve in a rural village so that other children could have better opportunities. Everyone was given the choice to present this as a village plan, a poster, a campaign or write an interview in role as a mayor of Kampala to discuss improvements. Everyone produced fantastic work and a great day was had by all.

Thank you once again to parents, who gave children loose change to bring in. It will go to an extremely worthy cause for our child promotion school in Uganda.

Miss Cooke, Miss Parker and Miss Connor

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