Thursday, 6 July 2017

Day 1 at Runways End

The day started with much excitement as the children found out their groups and rooms. We then headed to our rooms for our first task of the day...the hardest challenge for some....bed making!

After this we begun the outdoor activities which included 3 of the following activities:
  • shooting
  • kayaking
  • rock climbing
  • caving
  • orienteering
  • crate stacking

In between activities we had a scrumptious lunch cooked by Mrs Pither and Mrs Riley which left us almost rolling out the door!!

In the evening, we gathered with the cubs around the brand new campfire to watch it being used for the very first time!! A fire breather lit the fire in spectacular style which was of course followed by singing, marshmallows and hot chocolate after a pyjama fashion show!

After a jam packed day, we are now all ready for bed before the fun starts again tomorrow!

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