Sunday, 10 June 2018

Hockey Tournament Round 2!

On Thursday, children from years 4, 5 and 6 competed in round 2 of the hockey tournament at Samuel Cody. Despite not being able to make it, and the team not playing together since March, the children did really well. Mrs Burke said that their sheer determination and enjoyment of the game was a joy to watch so well done Alderwood! Unfortunately, we lost two out of the three games (6 - 0 to All Saints, 3 - 0 to Guillemont but we won 2 - 0 against Hawley!)

I am extremely proud of how well they have worked together as a team this year, making sure equality is at the heart of the game! Although we don't know where we are placed yet, I am sure the children have done well because we won two matches and drew one in the first game which is an amazing achievement!

Miss Cooke

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