Friday, 23 November 2018

Fun at the River!

Selborne Rivers Trip

Today, year 6 children found themselves outside in the cold weather exploring the features of rivers and discovering how the land is used around the water. 

Wrapped up warm from the winter weather, the students took part in two activities. All children were able to explore the river in detail by measuring the depth and using nets to do some river dipping to see what creatures they could find - shrimps were the most common. The other activity involved them walking up a rather steep hill to look out over the village of Selborne from the top. Once at the top, we discussed why the village of Selborne was there and how they used the water from the river. Whilst the children had fun completing the activities, I think the highlight for most of them were the sheep in the nearby field or the heated flooring in the centre! 

Lucky no child, or adult, got too wet and we all had a great day. 

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