Monday, 1 April 2019

Sri Lanka Project and Year 3 Exhibitions

This morning, Miss Cooke took 10 Year 3 pupils to All Hallows, where local schools in Aldershot learnt some new cricket skills from coaches. They thoroughly enjoyed showing off their overarm bowling as well as learning some new catching tricks!

After playing cricket, we were greeted by the high commissioner which was a great honour. He looked at all of the children's projects and asked what they had learnt about Sri Lanka and the Cricket World Cup. Every school had made such a big effort so everyone was presented with a trophy and an elephant which we have in pride of place in the school office if you would like to have a look. In addition, we have displayed some of the children's fantastic art work, travel brochures and fact files.

After school, the children had their class exhibitions where they showed off their amazing chariots which they have been busy making in D.T lessons. I hope you are extremely pleased with their masterpieces. As well as this, Year 3 showed off some of their fantastic English, Maths and Topic work where they have been writing fight scenes, learning about division and the Romans in history.

Overall, the children have been amazing this half term and have worked extremely hard, especially with their swimming. They should be receiving swimming certificates at some point this week so do their bags!

Miss Cooke

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