Friday, 23 May 2008

The Balaclava Story - 4E Assembly

4E performed a play about a dilemma!

The main character, George, wanted to be part of the Balaclava Boys. They weren't a gang, they didn't have meetings or anything like that, they just went around wearing balaclavas and if you didn't have one, you couldn't go around with them. Well George didn't have a balaclava and his mum wouldn't buy him one because she said "Why would you want a balaclava in the middle of summer?"

George came out of class at school to wash his hands and found a balaclava on the floor, it was Norbert's. He picked it up and tried to fit it in his pocket. It was too big, so he stuffed it down the sleeve of his coat. As soon as he did this, he realised that what he had done was wrong!

When George went home from school he couldn't wait to get rid of the balaclava. He checked the sleeve of his coat, but it wasn't there and thought that maybe he had lost it whilst running home. When George's mum got home from work, she had bought him a present, a balaclava - but he couldn't wear it because everyone would think it was Norbert's.

He went to school the next day and saw Norbert was wearing his balaclava! George asked if he had a new one, Norbert replied "No I never lost it. Some fool had shoved it down the sleeve of my raincoat!"

George faced a dilemma and made the wrong decision - let's hope we all learn from this tale.

Brilliant acting from all in 4E - WELL DONE.

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Anonymous said...

great show by 4E i hope you enjoyed it as much as i did