Thursday, 26 March 2009

Culture all relay

Today we were the final leg of the 'Culture all relay'. This event was run by Hampshire County Council to launch 'Culture all'. Culture-all is a Hampshire County Council campaign which celebrates Hampshire's diverse range of attractions, bringing together everything from museums and libraries to country parks and sport.

Various schools from across Hampshire were asked to create some 'batons' to pass onto another school. The batons were supposed to represent your area of Hampshire.

The event started in Portsmouth and travelled to the New Forest, Winchester, Andover, Basingstoke and finished here in Aldershot at Newport. Pictured below are the 'batons' from all the participating schools.

Here at Newport we created a replica of Wellington's statue, a collage depicting the Army, the Rushmoor Coat of Arms, Aldershot Town Football Club and the Alder tree. Accompanying these items was a book created to explain the relevance of each of these things to Aldershot.

The event was filmed and you will be able to watch this film shortly on the Hampshire Website, to find out more about the Culture All project , click here or to watch the video by clicking here


Anonymous said...

Well done everyone who took part in the culture all relay! You all did amazing in the art work! Louisa and Jodie did great as you had a scary thing to do you were brave!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well done to everyone who took part in the Culture All Relay! Jodie & Louisa did great (that was a scary thing to do!) All of you who did the art you did brilliant!!

aashleigh said...

it was great i was in the bck ground