Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Y4 Sing Up!

On Tuesday 17th March in the evening, Y4 went to Guildford Catherdral to take part in the 'Sing Up' Concert.

Year 4 along with children from St Joseph's RC Primary, Guildford, Walsh Memorial Infants, Ash and Shalford Infant School preformed a variety of songs that they have been learning in school over the past term.

The Catherdral was packed full of parents ane we enjoyed listening to various songs, some with actions!

The initative is part of a programme of the singing outreach that Lanesborough School and Guildford Catherdral were offering with the support of Surrey Arts.

Two of our children were chosen to sing on their own!

Our thanks go to our singing leader who had been working with the children this term, Judith Royle and Mrs Austin our Music Teacher at school. (She's at the back!)


Anonymous said...

hi well done year 4 you were great (from what i hear) any way i would like to say a really big thank u to all the people who helped us in our yr 6 production and a really big thank u to mrs crompton she is the best and thank u for giving me the part of downy she is a great charecter and i hope i impressed u thank this is emily

shannon said...

well done yr 6 our performances are great and everyone was putting in all the effort they could!!!
i would like to say thank u to mrs crompton for all the effort she put in thanks to mrs fry and miss thompson for doing props and also ky he was doing it as well also thank u to mrs austin for helping us with our singing and acting well done and thanks for the great part i really enjoyed it thanks!!!