Thursday, 14 January 2010

Year 6 visit to Macbeth, a Shakespeare for kids production

On Tuesday, Year 6 braved the artic conditions to make the journey to Basingstoke for a Shakespeare for Kids production of Macbeth.

"Lady Macbeth made me angry - she was so greedy and pushed her husband into things he didn't want to do." Beth (6L)

"It was scary when we first went in and heard thunder and lightning." Megan and Jack P (6J)

"Banquo's ghost was so terrifying, I haven't been able to sleep since seeing it!" Josh (6L)

"We liked the realistic props, even though Macbeth's head on a stake was a bit too gory! The actors were fantastic and danced and sang brilliantly." Jamie and Ilona (6J)

"It was fantastic! I didn't get the chance to go and see The Tempest last year, I'm so glad I got to see Macbeth. I can't wait to study it later in the term." Holly (6L)

"We enjoyed watching the actors, they were lively and convincing and had really powerful voices." Kyle and Gemma (6J)

"I loved it all, but my favourite parts were the fighting scenes and all the gruesome gore!" Elliot (6L)

The children represented the school wonderfully throughout the morning. Many thanks go to Mrs Fieldgate for organising the trip for us. We all had a great time!


Anonymous said...

the heads on spikes looked so realistic

Anonymous said...

it was a little scary!!!

Anonymous said...

it was a reallly great show i would love to see it again