Wednesday, 3 February 2010

All the fun of the Science Fair

A group of Year 6 pupils visited the First Partnership Science Fair and had a fascinating, fact filled time finding out how science is used in the wider world.

Pupils got to grips with wiring a house (only a model one!).Physics was seen to be used in fire safety, with the children examining probably the world's largest smoke detector.

Holding a wide variety of animals, from Australian stick insects that are brilliantly camouflaged to hide in the forest leaf litter to cyanide squirting millipedes and cute, but very prickly European Hedgehogs, proved very popular. The pupils listened intently to all the different ways in which the animals were adapted to live in their environments.

Care of the environment featured in a talk by Hampshire recycling. Do you know what plastics are made from? Newport pupils do and now realise that because oil supplies ( starting material for all types of plastic) are starting to run out we must continue to recycle even more!

Well done to all those who took part and asked the experts some interesting questions.

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