Saturday, 5 November 2011

Budget & Target Success at Building Challenge.

A group of year 6 pupils travelled to Westfields Junior school in Yateley to compete in a tough building challenge. Newport pupils, as shown by the pictures, proved to be excellent team players working quickly and carefully to plan their complex structure made from a wide range of different coloured bricks.

Only Meila and Liam, in their roles as project manager and site engineer were able to view the architect's model for only 30 seconds at a time! The rest of the team had the tough task of turning their plans to a model building. As with real life construction projects, tough penalties were imposed for extra trips to the architect's office and over/mis ordering the wrong bricks.

By using the skill of checking their balance sheets carefully throughout the task(just like we do with maths problems back in class), the team was complimented by the judge, Jane Sheridan of First Partnership, for having the lowest budget build however the team just missed out on a prize as it was a couple of bricks away from the architect's original.

Well done to Newport's brilliant builders: Liam, Meila, Mitchell, Leran, George and spokesman , Dominic.

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