Monday, 28 November 2011

Racing Robots

Newport Juniors hosted another exciting Rushmoreable schools workshop this week based around the Lego Mindstorm robots that pupils had experienced during the BAE Systems roadshow. Working together Mrs Fieldgate and Mrs Giblen  from Wavell, set the challenge of pupils making and programming their own robots. Year 7 Wavell pupils acted as mentors throughout this day long workshop. Their advice and support was much appreciated by all the teams from the six schools attending. Pupils experienced the "highs and lows "of working with technology; some groups deciding to completely redesign  their robots having assessed their suitability for the challenges, others delighted in modifying their programmes to allow their robots to negotiate their way around the tricky courses.  Everyone had great fun working together and learning new programming skills with a variety of sensors. The day ended with a robot sports day- competition between the teams was fierce but friendly however the results are listed below:
Robot Flat Race Winners : Fernhill Primary
Square Dancing: Joint winners Hawley Primary/Newport Juniors
Zig Zag Challenge : Newport Juniors

Enjoy the videos and pictures! A big thank you to everyone who made the day a great success especially Wavell  School who kindly lent all the Lego Mindstorm  kits. These now might feature heavily on many Christmas lists including Mrs Fieldgate's!

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