Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sport Relief 2012

Last Friday was Sports Relief and the children at Newport were busy exercising and learning about Sierra Leone.

In terms of exercise, the children, and staff, all started the day by completing the Sports Relief mile. Well done to everyone who took part and never gave up!

This was then followed by a circuit of activities in the playground, led by the school's play leaders. All of the children had to complete one minute of exercise on 9 stations. Again, well done to everyone who took part and tried their best in the beautiful weather we were lucky enough to get on Friday. Also, a massive thank you to the play leaders who planned, organised and ran this actviity so effectively throughout the day.

Finally, in their classrooms, the children learned about Sierra Leone and the importance water has in the daily life of the people who live there. This ranged from making posters, having discussions and identifying how we waste water in our daily lives.

Thank you for all of your support. Together we raised £198.00 for Sports Relief - a fantastic total.

Here is a collection of videos of the children's efforts throughout the day - enjoy!

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