Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sport Relief

On Friday 23rd March, Newport Junior School took part and helped raise money for Sport Relief. Children enjoyed a range of activities including: the Sport Relief mile; completing nine activities (organised by Mr Nicholls and the play leaders) and learning about Sierra Leone (West Africa) where money was particularly being raised for this year. In English Miss Cooke and Mrs Fieldgate's English class wrote some excellent blogs detailing the day's events. They are shown below:

Newport get active!
Today, at Newport Junior School, we are raising money for Sport Relief; therefore children in Africa (particularly in Sierra Leone) can have a better future! So far we have done the one mile run for fifteen minutes (well Mrs Shuttleworth and Miss Cooke did anyway). All the pupils showed enthusiasm and dedication while they were running. Furthermore, we have also been completing a circuit, run by Mr Nicholls, (P.E coordinator) alongside the help from the play leaders. These activities included: hockey, basketball, speed bounce and bench stepping.
I loved doing the circuits because the glorious sun was out and it was good fun. Moreover, it got me active for the rest of the day. The money we raise will go to Sierra Leone to help them build wells so children do not have to walk far; therefore they can go to school.
Overall, the day has been a great success and we are hoping to raise £200 (if everyone brought their pound in). Pupils are still tired from the mile run, however I have loved every second of the day and would like to do it again next year.
Written by Riley Lewis

Let’s get physical!
Dressing up as a sporting super star, all of the children in Newport Junior School (rated outstanding by Ofsted) have took part in Sports Relief to help raise money for poorer countries, for example, Sierra Leone (West Africa). This provides opportunities for clean water, through the use of wells; medicine for children who become ill due to dirty water and food so that they can survive.
Furthermore, we, (the whole school) have been running six laps around the playground which is equivalent to one mile for Sports Relief, however some year six pupils: Jordan, Mitchell, Meila and Reece ran 7 laps. Working all day, play leaders have supervised, with the help of Miss McNamara and Mr Nicholls, nine different circuits for years three to year six to take part in, such as: bench taps, hockey ball dribbling and ball bouncing.
Overall, Friday 23rd March, was a really fun, amusing day; a huge success for the end of the week. We are hoping to raise lots of money for Sports Relief 2012 as we were looking spectacular in our costumes.
Many wishes for the people in West Africa,
Mitchell, Meila and Lauren

I hope everyone enjoyed the day (I know I did). Thank you to everyone who brought their pound in. Let's hope we can help towards the magnificent total.

Miss Cooke

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