Friday, 15 February 2013

Poetry Workshop

This week some of  Newport Junior School's Year 4 pupils warmly welcomed pupils from five other primary schools to a  morning packed with poetry. Sir John Betjeman stated that "Poetry is the shortest way of saying things. It gives you room to think and dream" and Mrs Fieldgate's workshop gave all the children lots of new ways in which to describe  everyday objects and abstract nouns (things you can name but can't actually touch e.g emotions- anger, sadness, happiness). Studying poems from our current Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy, as well as Ted Hughes and Pie Corbett , the children learnt how to make super similes even better and also got to grips with discovering how personifcation can be a really powerful writing tool.


It follows you everywhere-a fear.
You can dart, dive and weave  but the fear always pants by your shoulder.
You look behind straight at it,but it's so fast it's gone.
People say it is voiceless yet it screams endlessly in my ear.
It's like a giant ghost.
It has a shadowy ,dim,black cloak.
It whispers and mutters "I'll never go away".
I can't look fear in the face.

The morning session was rounded off with the children sharing their wonderful poetry to the other pupils and their teachers who had accompanied them to Newport. A big thank you to the Year 4 -Chloe, Pippa, Cole, Alex, Charlotte, Isabelle, Abbey and Jonny who worked really hard throughout the session and produced some fantastic poems.

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