Friday, 15 February 2013

Science Day!

Today year 6 went down to Belle Vue to test and make toothpaste. Using well known brands such as:
Colgate, Aquafresh, Macleans and Sainbury's own brand, the children tested the smell, shine, packaging and appearance. They then went on to make their own toothpaste. In the afternoon year 6 used their experiences from the morning and made the best toothpaste using bicarbonate of soda, glycerine, cornflower, salt, peppermint essence, water and food colouring if they wanted to change the appearance. The children also came up with their own name for their new toothpaste and designed and made all of the packaging independently. Both year 1 and year 6 demonstrated superb behaviour and everyone learnt how to keep their teeth clean with the best possible toothpaste. An extra thank you to Belle Vue for organising the morning. A fantastic day all round and we cannot wait for Science Day again next year!

Miss Cooke and Mrs Shuttleworth

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