Sunday, 12 October 2014

Brilliant book week

As part  book week celebrations, Newport warmly welcomed back Bigfoot theatre productions to help springboard their creative writing ideas. Every class had a specially tailored drama workshop with the actress, Miss Sanderson; pupils in years 3 /4  examined imaginary/fantasy settings for their stories whilst years 5/6 were looking back in time with stories in a historical setting. Using drama games and the powerful technique of freeze framing, every child created their own story.

Back in class, Newport pupils eagerly mapped out their story plans . Letting their imaginations fly, the children  wrote an  amazing range of stories. On Friday, many pupils shared their stories with the rest of the class. Some of the historical settings chosen by year  six pupils included Tudors, World War II , Victorians and  the 1950s was popular. One Year six pupil wrote a story about how our greatest playwright, William Shakespeare overcame writer's block (when you can't think what to write next). Well done to everyone involved and a special thank you to Mrs Shuttleworth for organising such a wonderful week of activities.


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