Monday, 20 October 2014

We do like Mondays....

Monday was a little bit different for Newport's Year Six pupils this week as they had the wonderful opportunity to  experience  drama, music and modern foreign language workshops at The Connaught school. Leaving Newport shortly after assembly time, pupils walked  the short distance to our local secondary school. The whole day was spent enjoying the delights of drama which included a variety of great games including "What are you doing? "and "Animal antics" that really helped listening, concentration and performance skills. Miss Clements led two great sessions that enabled every pupil to become more confident in their  own performance. ( Ideal timing for Newport pupils as the play scripts for the Christmas extravaganza have just been issued by Mrs Austin).

Miss Hardiman, from Connaught's music department, led an African  themed  workshop in which  pupils learnt  that over 54 countries make up  this  amazing continent! Focussing on South Africa, pupils  warmed  up  with a  variety  of  fun musical  games including" The musical lift" and  "Clap that one out"  before performing close harmonies to  the folk song, Wimoweh.

The afternoon was spend with the modern foreign languages department where pupils had great opportunity to practise their French and German in a carousel of activities that helped widen vocabulary in both these important languages.

Further workshops have been planned for the 2015 Spring term and both pupils and staff had a great time working together on this project.

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