Thursday, 10 March 2016

Butser Farm

Yesterday year three spent the day at Butser Farm, learning about Iron Age and Roman civilisations. The day was full of fun and incredibly insightful. Here are some of the activities we experienced.

The children started the day off by sitting around a fire in a replica roundhouse.
 They had a look around an authentic Roman Villa and learnt about the central heating system created by the Romans.

 Creativity was flowing when the children created their own Roman mosaic tile patterns.

 The art of jewelry making was experienced and all walked away with fabulous rings.

 The plight of the Roman warrior was understood, as all had an opportunity to hold swords and shields that would have been used by a Roman Warrior.

Chalk carving turned out to be rather tricky, but worry not, we all created our own chalk art eventually.

 All in all a fun filled an educational day was had by all.

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