Tuesday, 21 January 2020


Starting the term with the Ancient Greeks!

Year 6 have started the spring term by learning all about the Ancient Greeks. So far they have explored the Ancient Greek timeline and discovered that the Olympic Games originated from here. As well as this they have researched the main city states in Ancient Greece,  Athens and Sparta. Both of which were ruled very differently with weak babies being killed in Sparta! As a pair, the children then had to make a decision about which city state they would prefer to live in and why. From this they have started to produce persuasive brochures about their chosen state on Microsoft publisher.

In English, we have been looking at Greek Myths and the characters of heroes and villains. This week the children were able to rewrite a myth from a different characters perspective, including some of them being a sword! 

Meanwhile, in art lessons the children have been designing their own mythical beasts that they will, later in the term, create using clay. Take a look at the few pictures below to see some of the designs - Miss Parker's class appeared to have a rhino theme!

We are very much looking forward to Greek Day in a couple of weeks time and getting to try some Greek food. Lets hope the weather is more like it is in Greece by then!

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