Friday, 31 January 2020

Iron Age Day!

The children have had an amazing time on their Iron Age days and I hope they have come home telling you everything they have learnt! In the morning, they learnt about roundhouses, weapons, clothing and much more. We compared how the Iron Age had developed from the Stone Age and even got to practice some hunting techniques using a sling!

After that, the children had interactive workshops looking at how wheat was ground up into flour using a grindstone, how long it took to make chain mail (9 months) and even looked at a range of animal skins, learning about which ones were used for clothing, shoes and other accessories that were made.

In the afternoon, the children had warrior training. Luckily, we have a lot of amazing children who will be ready for battle! Then they painted their own spears and shields which they may have brought home already. Unfortunately, some did not dry in time so you will see these next week.

Overall, the children had a fantastic two days and behaved beautifully. They are a credit to Alderwood Junior School. Thank you to all of the parents for helping out with costumes. The children looked amazing! Below are just some of the photos we took.

Miss Cooke

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