Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Batik - a wax-resist dye technique

As part of our topic: Row, row, row your boat, Year Six have been exploring water themed art. We have created mixed-media collages of waves, experimented with combining watercolours and crayons and explored the art of wax-resist dyeing, creating our own beautiful batik paintings.

To create the wax resist we had to heat large pots of wax then apply it to our fabric using a tjanting tool. After it had cooled, we applied water-based fabric inks to our design. Finally, the wax was removed by the very patient Mrs Wiseman who ironed each design. The heat of the iron melted the wax which was lifted off the design using paper.

The results are on display in both Year Six and the main entrance now! Do come and see our work and leave us a comment!

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