Friday, 8 October 2010

D'oh! Knocked out without conceding a goal!

It's not often you go to a football tournament and not lose a game or even concede a goal and get knocked out, is it? Well it happened to the girls yesterday.
The girls played fantastically well in the football tournament at Velmead and seemed to really enjoy themselves and the Krispy Kreme doughnuts provided by Mrs Higgs.
Yet again we had a huge following of glamorous mums and dads ("MADS") in attendance cheering the girls on.
Despite not losing a game we failed to progress to the semi final by the margin of one goal!
What a shame!

Our results were as follows:
Westfields 0-0
St Josephs 0-0
Velmead 2-0
Manor 1 - 0

All the girls were marvellous. For many this was only their second ever game!
As you can see in the photo Mrs Henchy(coach) is giving a serious teamtalk about which doughnuts are the best ones to eat whilst in the second the girls show that they weren't too downhearted. It's amazing what a good doughnut can do .... well done girls!
The girls involved were Megan, Billy, Rachel, Joanna, Shannon, Sophie, Meila, Amelia and Katie

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