Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Celebrating Indian Culture-Tabla Drumming Workshop.

In the week that saw the spectacular opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games in Delhi, Newport school took part in its own celebration of Indian culture by hosting a Tabla drumming workshop for gifted and talented pupils in the Rushmoor area.

Children from five local schools joined together to gain a "hands on" experience of Northern Indian Tabla however Steve Morley, the Tabla expert, also brought along an amazing array of percussion from banana bells, rhythmn drums, udu to wooden block frogs which sounded just like the real thing.

The music room was soon filled with the soothing rhymical phrases of dha dha te te, tin na ki na kita taka. Pupils were also introduced to the sixteen beat cycles that you follow on your fingers-this took some time to understand however in the end everyone, even the adults, mastered the technique. Children also learnt how Indian musicians used to mimic the sounds they heard around them including trains. The session ended with all participants practising relaxation techniques to Tabla sounds. Everyone enjoyed the morning and left with a great admiration for the art and skill of Tabla drumming.Well done to Year 5 pupils Bethany,George and Lauren who acted as excellent pupil guides throughout the workshop.
Comments from pupils:
"I always dreamed of playing the drums.I loved all the different musical instruments we played.The best part was lying down in the dark at the end listening to the music.I felt I was floating". Jake- Hawley Primary.
"The udu was my favourite insturment. I didn't know you could play a pot!". Kieron -Hawley Primary.
" I loved all of the workshop". Cassie -Hawley Primary.

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