Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Butser Farm!

This year as part of our Roman topic the year 3s went on a trip to Butser Farm.

We learnt about how the Romans invaded Britain and took over from the Celtic way of life. We looked at the differences in how the Celts & Romans lived and had a go at some Celtic & Roman activities!

We sat inside one of the Celtic roundhouses. They had a fire in the centre which was quite smoky, but it kept us nice and warm!

This was a recreation of a Roman villa. The villas were much more like the houses that we see nowadays. As you can see on the floor, the Romans used attractive mosaics to decorate.  

 We took part in chalk crushing while we were at Butser. It was quite hard work as we had to 'crush' the chalk using hammers that were made out of bits of tree! The chalk is then collected and used for building materials.

Luckily, the rain stayed away and the sun managed to come out a points - although it was still pretty chilly!! We enjoyed our trip and have learnt much more about the Celts & Romans!

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