Monday, 25 March 2013

Where's Wall-e?

Fans of the Pixar movie Wall-E might notice that some of the fantastic robots created during a collaborative workshop with Wavell school bore more than a passing resemblence to the sci fi star . Year 6 pupils were given the task of creating, from scratch, a Lego mindstorms robot that would be able to complete a range of challenging tasks. The morning was spend assembling and equipping the robots with a range of sensors: touch, light and sound activated. The individual robots, after being named, were them programmed to complete a set of tough tasks:navigating through a zig zag maze, dancing in a circle, pacing round the perimeter of a square and last but not least competing in the Usain Bolt robot race (15m flat race). Assisted by Year 8 pupils from Wavell, all the children enjoyed the practise sessions however the real event, watched by the whole year group, was an exciting and thrilling climax to a wonderful day. Tangled robots waltzing together mid race proved a nail biting yet hilarious finish to two of the three races. Purple team (Kai,Zac Molly and Courtney) just clinching the robot race prize.Red Team put up a stirling fight to finish second and were awarded a prize for the best team work throughout the day. Well done Logan, Scott, Sian and Finn!
Many thanks to Mrs Giblen and her Year 8 helpers for assisting in this memorable day.

Mrs Fieldgate

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