Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Bringing Shakespeare up todate....

This morning Newport Year 5 pupils were joined by talented writers from four other schools across the area to explore some of the works of two famous and hugely talented writers. The workshop, run by Mrs Fieldgate, examined in detail John Lennon's iconic peace anthem, Imagine. Using the lyrics as a framework pupils produced  their own poems detailing how they would make the world a better place.The importance of improving your initial ideas was stressed and everyone gave constructive criticism on their peers work.After break, Shakespeare's Seven ages of man was bought up to date by this team of talented writers. " It was great working with other children from other school" , commented Mitchell from Cranford Park Primary . Newport pupils were brilliant hosts and pupils are very  much looking forward to their visit to Tower Hill Primary next week. Well done: Oliver, Billy,Amy, Isabelle, Alex, Charlotte, Pippa, Leanne, Jonny and Jodie

Here are some of their modern interpretations of selected verses from The seven ages of man from Shakespeare's  play "As you like it".

First comes the infant wailing like a police siren.
Snuggled up in his mother’s arms makes him feel warm and cosy.
Looking everywhere wondering how the world works.
 Endless nappy changing and milky bottles fill his day.

The final showdown!  
Pottering around the minute   garden , visiting the doctors almost every day.
Aimlessly wandering around the shops until  closing  time.
Waiting patiently in a daze for the ghost of death to come and take his soul.
The ancient have lost their own teeth, their once eagle eyes, their terrific taste buds and now all their possessions.

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