Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Living the dream!

On 9th June twenty six children from across the Newport and Belle Vue Federation visited the Farnborough Wind Tunnels  to learn more about flight and how these special buildings have shaped the world we live in today.These magnificent , listed buildings haven't ever been open to the public until today.

Pupils from Yrs 2-6 learnt about how aircraft work and are tested for safety (air worthiness). Will Avison, from Surrey satellites based at Surrey University, gave a fact filled talk on how satellites are manufactured and launched into space. Satellites can be used as surveillance cameras enabling photos to be taken to see how people or natural events such as a  tsunamis have affected the earth. Did you know that satellites can travel at 17,000 mph? To round off the morning's talks Russ Allchorne, Vice President of TAG Aviation, gave a presentation about his spectacular,high  flying career. He wanted to be a pilot at the age of seven; joining the RAF at seventeen he flew an amazing array of aircraft-Typhoon, F15 throughout his RAF career.Russ even flew a Spitfire ( the only one left in the world that capable of flying) over Buckingham Palace.He now flies jet setting celebrities and business people around the world in luxury jets from Farnborough airport! Every single pupil was inspired by him. He finished his talk by saying, " Don't give up on your dream job.Someone has got to do that job so why not you!" This certainly made everyone think about their own dream books back at school.

An action packed afternoon consisted of creating  basic rockets and firing them up into the air. "I really enjoyed this workshop and found it fun playing with forces", stated Molly, a year six pupil. Practising take off /landing in a Piper Tomahawk simulator also proved a memorable experience.
Mrs Fieldgate, Miss Moody and Mrs Pearce were immensely proud of the all the pupils who asked some very interesting and thoughtful questions throughout the day.

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