Saturday, 22 November 2014

MPs for the future?

This week, Year Five participated in a debate based upon their work on Alfred Noyes' poem, "The Highwayman".  They had to deliberate whether the deaths of the two main characters were justified or not.

After a few days preparation in class, the whole year group divided into those who were to debate on the side of those who felt the Highwayman and his love, Bess, should die, and those who did not.

The debate was a roaring success, with the children showing great politeness and respect for those whose opinion differed from their own.  They listened carefully to each others' points, and responded using the language of debate that they had learned in class.

As the debate continued, more and more of the children wished to present their point of view.   While the teachers watched their good manners and polite behaviour, they were reminded of the Youth Parliament, which took over the House of Commons just a few weeks ago.  Looks like we have some children with strong views who could be representing the NE of Hampshire at Westminster in six or seven years time.  Perhaps we are looking at a future Prime Minister here!

Clearly their powers of persuasion were phenomenal, as the majority of the children had changed their viewpoints to those of the opposing side by the end of the debate!  (With such fantastic persuasive powers, I worry for their parents as Christmas comes our way!)

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