Saturday, 22 November 2014

Year Five Trip to Hampton Court.

After weeks of anticipation, Thursday 20th November arrived at last, and Year Five set off on their trip to Hampton Court Palace in London in great excitement.

Upon our arrival, while 5P and 5A were visiting the Royal Apartments, 5M were whisked away to visit King Henry's kitchens.  They have now been restored to a little of their former glory, and the children saw the old ovens with examples of the kitchen equipment of the time:

the kinds of foods that would have been eaten at the time of Henry VIII:

and the tableware!


5A had brought their own personal spit-boy with them, as we can see, but after a very short time, he decided that he wouldn't have fancied roasting cuts of meat all day, as it was far too much like hard work - and very, very warm.


We were very lucky that Mark was there to tell us all about the kitchens and Tudor Cookery.  At weekends, he actually does the cooking for the tourists, and you can buy the meats he cooks at the Palace Cafe!


After lunch, in the old buttery, it was time to play some games.  But these ones were found in the Great Watching Chamber, where nobles kicked their heels waiting for Henry to invite them into the Royal Apartments to discuss matters.  Clearly our girls were not going to waste their time doing nothing!

Although we saw a number of people dressed as Tudor folk, from the King and his courtiers, to the kitchen workers, none of them were as determined not to talk as this chap!  Clearly, his silence intrigued the children!

After a long, but very enjoyable day, it was time to set off home.  The children were inspired by the visit, so look out for our display next to the office!  It'll be going up in the next couple of weeks!

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