Friday, 1 July 2016

Sports Week - Day 5

Personal Bests Achieved on the Way to Rio!

Today, saw the end of Newport's Sports Week with all year groups crossing the finishing line! Although rain did stop play for some of the final sporting events, all classes were still able to take part in a range of sports themed activities in their classrooms. 

English lessons, allowed children to finish their Olympic country texts and create their class information books. While in maths, pupils were able to design their own Olympic Park using their knowledge of area. 

To finish the week, all children gathered in the hall for the Closing Ceremony, where Olympic Awards were given out to those children who had shown the Olympic and Paralympic values throughout the week. Well done to the following children:

Year 3
    • Leopold Zschaler - Excellence - For showing excellent bowling skills when playing rounders.
    • Nathan Jones - Respect - For excellent communication skills with his team mates.
    • Charlie Horton - Determination - For showing determination to improve his running stamina.
    • Marina Caffell - Determination - For showing determination to improve her running stamina.
    • Kaylee Fyfield - Inspiration - A real team player willing to give all sports a try.
    • Jude Kaye - Inspiration - For an amazing cotton bud javelin throw. The best in the class - 671cm.
    • Jamie-Leigh Mukasa- Rapley - Courage - For having the courage to try new sports as well as being a real team player.
Year 4

    •  Tyler Windebank - Excellence - For excellent sportsmanship throughout sports week, especially in dance.
    • Alfie Lambe - Excellence - For excellent sportsmanship throughout sports week.
    • Amelia Knights-Holland - Excellence - For demonstrating superb batting skills in cricket. 
    • Riley Shute - Courage - For performing his dance in front of the whole class.
    • Rimza Ibrar - Excellence - For a positive attitude all week and winning the cotton bud javelin competition.
    • Lewis Hockley - Respect - For showing brilliant sportsmanship in every activity during sports week.
Year 5

    • Riley Nuttall - Excellence - For a positive attitude when dancing his way to Rio.
    • Gracie Mattin - Courage - For having the courage to do a fantastic hoop performance in the opening ceremony.
    • Jessica Cainey - Friendship - For being supportive of her classmates during sports week.
    • Melody Wyss - Determination - For being extremely determined to improve her skills in Badminton this week.
    • Ellis Alexander - Courage - For taking part in all sports with enthusiasm, even when he wasn't feeling confident.
    • Nathan Newell - Equality - For excellent sportsmanship and a great team spirit all week.

Year 6
    • Olivia Robinson - Determination - For being determined to run the longest distance during athletics.
    • Lloyd Cooke - Excellence - For some fantastic dancing on dance day.
    • Lily O'Connor - Friendship - For encouraging others when taking part in the penalty shoot out competition.
    • Chloe Spreadborough - Determination - For showing great determination to score during our penalty shoot out.
    • Grace Wigmore - Excellence - For some excellent dance moves on dance day.
    • Paige Millar - Excellence - For excellent precision in archery this week.

As the ceremony came to a close, winner of the Road to Rio Distance challenge was revealed along with the total distance the whole school had traveled over the past week, 25,588.07 km. Congratulations to 5P, who were are winning class and managed to travel a massive distance of 3,251.67 km. Following this the winning class of the penalty shoot out was announced. It would appear that Miss Connor needs to work on her goal keeping skills as she allowed her class to let in a winning score of 64 penalties! Well done 6C!

A massive well done should go to all the children of Newport for taking part in Sports Week, trying new activities and striving to be the best that they can be throughout the week! Now it is time for the athletes to have a rest before Sports Day on Monday 18th July!

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