Thursday, 17 March 2011

Cross Country Squad

Some people do everything and anything to avoid cross country - but not this lot! Trooping down to Connaught Secondary School at 3.30pm on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon, and with no training, many of them were unsure what to expect.

However, it comes as no surprise that they performed exceptionally well, running to their limits and trying their hardest to get round as quick as possible.

Ryan (Y5) performed exceptionally well coming in a storming 3rd place and congratulations also go to all of the Year 3 pupils who attempted this for the very first time.

If you're reading this and fancy doing some more running, Aldershot running club have superb facilities for children to train at.

Finally, thank you to Mrs Ward and Mr Nicholls for giving up their own time to ensure all of these children had the opportunity to participate.

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Pat Ireland said...

Well done Newport, brilliant effort from all the children who took part.