Tuesday, 15 March 2011

We had a great time on Science Day! Y3 and Y4 walked down to Belle Vue, then joined Y1 and Y2 for a morning investigating (Y2/3) how to best prepare for an athletic event, and (Y1/4) bubbles.

As you can see, Blessing really got the hang of the jumping activity. We had to see how far we could jump using various starts. In the first picture, you can see him working up to a standing start. In picture two, he's had a short run up (hop, skip and jump distance) but in the 3rd picture, he's really flying, as he has had a long run up.

We also had a visit from a local athlete. Glen Wiseman talked to the children about the preparations he would make before a big athletic meet, the kinds of food that he needed, and the way in which sport made him feel at school.

After his inspirational talk, the children thought about their breakfasts that morning, and just how important it was to a good start to the day.

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